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Call for Nominations!!! AACN-PBC Chapter Officer nominations now open!!!

Posted about 1 month ago

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AACN-PBC Chapter is searching for candidates to fill the following positions for FY2019-2020:

  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer-elect
  • Three (3) Board members

Please review the following competencies and submit nominations for individuals you believe demonstrate the competencies. You may nominate yourself or someone else you feel could be fit to the position. If nominating someone else, the chapter will contact that person to let them know they have been nominated and ask if they are willing to serve. All candidates must be National and Chapter members. 

  • The President-Elect (one-year term starting 7/1/2019) -  This learning period is critical to his/her success when he/she steps into the presidential role following year. The President-elect should be an active member of the chapter. The president-elect works collaboratively with the chapter President throughout his/her term to provide for continuity of leadership and a smooth transition for chapter leadership. In the absence of the President, fill in to ensure the accountabilities of the President are met, for example to facilitate a chapter meeting.
  • Board members (two-year term). Their primary responsibilities are to ensure effective organizational planning based on AACN’s vision, mission, and values, develop a yearly plan to assure the chapter’s direction in the next year or longer, assist with chapter business, such as recruiting members to the chapter, volunteering in community service, and helping establish the educational calendar. We strongly recommend that board members attend 75% of board meetings. Board members are expected to support AACN-PBC endeavors by participating in chapter projects and committees, with the goal of chairing those committees.
  • Treasurer-Elect (one-year term). Treasurer-elect assists treasurer in ongoing management, accounting and reporting of the chapter`s finances and bank accounts, and works collaboratively with treasurer to ensure smooth transition of responsibilities for the following year.

Nomination Form:
Please complete nomination form and return to Ronela Arandela, Chapter President-Elect, by 4/25/2019 via email at aacnpbc@gmail.com . You can complete this nomination form and then copy and paste to the email or you  can print-and-scan the attachment to your email.
Officer voting will start at the annual chapter symposium on May 3rd and continue through May 17, 2019. Leadership transition meeting will be in June 2019, date TBD.
I am nominating:
□ President-Elect
Name: _______________________________ Phone # __________________________
□ Treasurer-Elect
Name: _______________________________ Phone # _________________________
□ Board member(s): (3 openings)
Name: ___________________________ Phone # __________________________
Name: ___________________________ Phone # __________________________
Name: ___________________________ Phone # __________________________
Your Name: _______________________
AACN member # ________________________
Email: ________________________________
Phone# :___________________________________
Thank You!


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