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Win a paid registration to AACN's NTI in Orlando! Deadline to submit essay is March 31!

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PBC AACN Professional Practice Committee


Breaking the Rules Challenge

A chance to make a change, a difference, and also WIN paid registrationto NTI in Orlando May 2019

We can create the workplaces we want and need when we use our voice. Let’s confidently step

into our strength. – Lisa Riggs AACN National President

Have you ever been at work and said, “I wish I didn’t have to do xxxxx” or “It would be so much better if we did XXXXX” or how about “Why do we have to do this anyway?”. 

Have you ever wanted to Break the Rules or Make the Rules? Positive Deviance goes against the rules and moves you to evaluate why we do what we do in a positive forward direction. You are the expert when it comes to patient care, you know the challenges you face, and you know how it could be done better! So who better than YOU to make that change, make that difference? Take this opportunity to put your thoughts into ACTION!!

We challenge you to ask yourself, “If I had the power, if it were up to me, what would I change?” Then find out why you are being asked to do something the way you are and CHANGE IT! SO HOW DO YOU GET IN ON THIS?
PBC AACN Professional Practice Committee is looking for nurses who have identified issues and obstacles in patient care that need to be addressed and who want to dig in deep and address them and find solutions and better alternatives.

During every monthly meeting we have asked, “If I had the power, what would I change?”. For this challenge, you can identify something that you have to do that doesn’t seem productive or prudent or efficient and set forth to find out why and how it might need to be abolished, improved, or totally revamped.

        • Plan to attend the “Our Voices Can Be Our Strength” meeting on March 26, 2019. RSVP to confirm
              your participation in this meeting to excellence411@gmail.com (this is not required to join this challenge)

1. What is the problem identified, why is it an issue, why do you do it?
2. What changes were implemented?
3. Who was involved in the change process?
4. What were the results of the changes implemented?
5. What happens now, what are the next steps?

  • Go to AACN National website at aacn.org and scroll to bottom of the page. Click on AACN Theme and

listen to President Lisa Riggs speech. This will give you an insight to her vision and full message behind
Our Voices Our Strength.

It only take one person to make a difference.......be that person!


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